Monday, July 6, 2009

Where's the Map? - *Faves*

Isn't this the coolest coffee table?!

Chrystie from NotAPotato has this shop as one of her favorites. It's a bummer that the seller, Bombus, is located in the UK. I need a coffee table for our family room, and I thought how neat it would be to decoupage one with maps of of places we have been and lived. It could even be places where we want to go!

That got me doing an Etsy "map" search. There are really neat map things out there. I wish I would have thought of it earlier, because some of them would have been great graduation gifts.

Tunisia Map Pendant by XOHandwork

I have always admired XOHandwork's map pendants. My thoughts about travel places for the coffee table led me to think of how neat it would be to have a travel charm bracelet of places you have been.

For kids going off the college, something with a map on it of their hometown could be really special. (Whether they admit it or not, I think most get a little homesick.) I also know of some friends who have sent packages to their kids at school over finals week to give them a boost. The map magnets, buttons, or pendants are relatively inexpensive and would be easy to mail.

Store the CD of your summer vacation pictures in a custom CD case from russianforest.

Travelers? A journals would be awesome for any age. The one with a US map on it from PrairiePeasant reminds me of a book I had as a child, where you could circle the states you had visited.

I pictured a checkbook cover above from tatteredtapestry, but they also have passport covers.

Glass Map Magnet - Guatemala by DosBesitos

The Glass Map Magnet of Guatemala comes from the DosBesitos shop. DosBesitos specializes in adoption related pendants, paperweights, and magnets specific to different countries and languages throughout the world. This is a beautiful little shop!

China Journal by kristincrane

My parents lived in China for a time, and I kept all my mom's email correspondences to me. I am going to ask kristincrane if she will make a journal for me to put the printed emails in.

I am sure that many of these Etsy sellers would be willing to custom make something with a specific map on it.

Happy Travels Card by kristincrane

Don't forget these great "Happy Travel Cards" from kristencrane!