Monday, July 27, 2009

Natural Living for Families

In 1892, Charlotte Mason founded her "House of Education" in England. Her belief was that children are thinking, feeling human beings, as spirits to be kindled and not as vessels to be filled.
Her philosophy about raising and educating children is still alive today; and followed by many families around the world. In addition to her ideas about schooling, she also felt children needed plenty of leisure time.

Leisure, to her, meant being outdoors playing, gardening, doing handicrafts, practicing an instrument, doing chores, cooking, visiting neighbors, or observing and recording the wonders of nature.

She believed that children should have each day:

- Something or someone to love (e.g., parents, sisters, brothers, friends, dog, cat, chickens, sheep, horse).

- Something to do (e.g., sew doll clothes, plant a garden, listen to someone read aloud, assemble a model).

- Something to think about. According to The Charlotte Mason Companion, "It is enjoying other people's ideas, thoughts, and jokes, noticing the beauty in music or pictures, and enjoying country sights and sounds, birds, and flowers."

Keeping these latter two beliefs in mind, I took a look at the many beautiful items on Etsy made by handmadeMN members. These are some of the items that would fall into these categories:

Make Your Own Cup Cozy by byrdandbelle

Alpaca Pattern by PlushroomSoup

Art Kit in Pink and Green by harvestmoonbyhand

Reach Out and Grab Ya by MTart

Hummingbird Embroidered Illustration by ElizabethHurley


Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Enlightening - both Charlotte's philosophy and the fabulous items from the handmadeMN team. Thanks for sharing both.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

You're welcome. It was a pleasure to find these items that fit so nicely with Charlotte Mason's philosophy.

Sara said...

I love the philosophy of Charlotte. Wonderful post!