Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Featured Shop - Chazzt82

I've always been envious of people who can draw and paint. Oh, I can paint things, like a wall or a door, and can draw stick figures, but sketch and paint works of art? Not me. Applying a medium to paper and creating an image is a talent, to be sure. Charles Tichy has that talent.

My fascination with Charles' work began with the above image, which unfortunately is no longer available in his shop. The softness of it has such a dreamy feel, and I love the natural earth tones.

Check out this painting:


Again Charles displays a soft, calming effect. This work of art would be a great piece for meditation, to stare deeply into it and in your mind travel to the place Charles sees.

Not only does the artist create still lifes and landscapes, he does an outstanding job on portraits. I am amazed at the likeness he achieves in his celebrity portraits. According to his shop announcement he is happy to do custom work from photographs.


Simply amazing. Stop by Chazzt82 and see what Charles has to offer, or better yet, have him create something especially for you.