Thursday, June 4, 2009

Keeping Up With E-mail

By Michelle
Of Evie's Tool Emporium

How on earth do you keep up with your e-mail? When I sit down at my computer I never know what exciting e-mails are going to be waiting for me! I have to be very diligent when it comes to my organization of my e-mails. I am very methodical when it comes to keeping up with my e-mails and I hope these tips are helpful to you!

1)I check my e-mails every day (sometimes several times a day) and I read, take action, save or delete them every day.
2)I try very hard to keep one e-mail per topic in my 'in box'-all the rest are saved.
3)My file folders are very specific. Not everyone finds this method best for them. However, for me it is so much faster for me to go to a specific file where I can pull the information up quickly.
4)Once a month I evaluate the e-mail subscription lists I am on. If all I do is delete their updates I e-mail them and make sure I am taken off their list.
5)Every day before I turn off my computer for the day I do one quick run through of my inbox to make sure I have read, taken action, saved or deleted my daily e-mails.

Do you have helpful tips on how on earth you keep up with your e-mails? Please feel free to share your ideas here!