Monday, June 29, 2009

Featured Shop - Stephanie's Stitchings

Written By: Sara Werzel of Auntie B Online

Stephanie Troutner has a cute little shop on Etsy where she sells her embroidery art and fabric-covered boxes. I've always liked the idea of hanging needlework from an embroidery hoop, and these pieces are just that.

Stephanie's Stitchings displays a variety of Stephanie's own designs. She has captured a retro feel to her work, with which I'm totally in love. I also think the idea of doing embroidery on patterned fabric is lively and unique. Stephanie's work can also be grouped for an interesting and colorful addition to a blank piece of wall.

For one or more great pieces of art that provide wonderful colors and texture, visit Stephanie's Stitchings.

Pictured above are: Purple Lollypop Swirls, Jamaican Pearls, and the ever so fun Flying Peanuts.