Thursday, June 18, 2009

Creative Tutorial: Crochet Edgings

by MaryAnn Cleary of Spirit River Studio

Whether a person creates a sewn bag, a knit top or a crocheted creation, crocheted edgings can put a nice finishing touch on a garment.

Below are a few simple edgings. These are simple ones taken from "Crocheting Edgings" edited Rita Weiss. Three that I have taken from the book are: periwinkle, arabis and primrose. Many times edgings were used on linens to dress them up such as handkerchiefs, lingerie, sheets and pillow cases or towels and tablecloths and of course, doilies. I know that my grandmother would dress up a set of pillow cases or a handkerchief.

Those edgings can also be used to dress up other items, such as clothing or accessories. Here are samples of the some simple ones. (Since this is copyrighted material, it can be used for educational purposes only. By clicking an enlarging the photo, one should be able to print it out or please feel free to contact me for a pdf file.)


Sara said...

I just love edgings! The ones you show are just sweet. Time to pull out the crochet hooks I think.