Thursday, July 9, 2009

Creative Spaces: The Green Squirrel

By Kat Arcand

Welcome to St. Paul, Minnesota, home to Lisa Finger and the jewelry shop The Green Squirrel.

Housed in a 12 x 12 craft room, Lisa is busy at work creating pendants from buttons and button covers. After scouring estate and garage sales and armed with her library card and her laptop, Lisa finds all the inspiration she needs to keep motivated. Extra storage in her guest futon aside from her desk and book shelves amidst her husbands clothing closet help keep The Green Squirrel organized to create her treasures.

Lisa does her best to work when she can during the week, but primarily sets up camp in her creative space on the weekends. “I have a heck of a lot more supplies for crafting than I would like to admit,” she says. Her button pendants, cross stitch, and knitting projects are all tucked cozily with her in her craft space.

“I love the windows to our large back yard, the futon for when I get sleepy, and the fact that it's the warmest room in our house!” she says. Every space has its ups and downs, but any space with room for a good nap is perfect! What a great way to keep up that motivation for her beautiful pendant creations!

Find The Green Squirrel on Etsy:


Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

A workspace with a nice place to nap? What a great idea. I'll have to work on that for my studio space. Great post and love the pendants.

Sara said...

Sounds dreamy - literally! I love The Green Squirrel and hearted the Etsy shop! Very cute stuff.