Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HandmadeMN Favorites: Wall Graphics

How many of you, like me, have stripped wallpaper and vowed you will never again put anything on your walls other than paint?! However, like me, you are getting sick of those flat boring walls. Well, if you have not seen them yet, vinyl wall decals are the rage. They are removable are inexpensive, but they look like you hired a professional artist to custom paint your walls.

For the longest time, I had wanted to hand-paint our table prayer on the soffit in our dining room, but I never got around to doing it. That is probably a good thing because I avoided the messy paint and painstaking time of hand-painting. I simply custom ordered it in vinyl. When people see it they are sure I must be hand-painted.

My next project is to put one up in our bathroom. I have painted the walls a deep periwinkle blue and am thinking of doing a white decal to match our white fixtures. It is another project that I have considered hand-painting, but after the ease of putting up the graphic in the dining room, I have decided to put up a vinyl graphic. Now, I just have to decide which one. We have a big blank wall that I have put pictures on in the past, but I have decided the moisture is just too hard on the artwork. Therefore, the vinyl graphics are the perfect solution.

Etsy has quite a few great sellers who make these neat vinyl graphics. HandmadeMN and
etsian (I think the word "etsian" should be added to the dictionary), Turnaround Design, has added http://www.singlestonestudios.etsy.com to her list of favorite sellers.

If you search
vinyl wall graphics on Etsy, you will get a selection of over 170 items to choose from. Most (if not all) shops let you choose the color of your graphic. I am thinking about ordering this one for our bathroom.

Extra Large - Dandelion Wishes - Vinyl Wall Decal Graphic Art Sticker Home Decor

I might blog about it in the future to let you see how it turned out! =)


Jen said...

I absolutely LOVE Singlestonestudios work! I read Shelley's blog daily- she is completely inspiring!!!She just finished a huge install and the pictures are truly fab!

Single Stone Studios said...

Thanks for mentioning our shop on you blog! Too cool!

Kerri Norman said...

These are a fabulous idea! I'll check out your blog.