Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Featured Shop - Western Art Glass

Written by: Sara Werzel

Minnesota springtime brings one thing that is more welcome than anything else…sunshine. After winter’s gray days we all open up the curtains and wash the windows, soaking up that bright light as though it were life itself.

So as you let the sunshine in, let it filter through the beautiful artwork of Brian Western.

In honor of the upcoming MN Fishing Opener may I present German Lamberts Glass Channel Catfish and Minnesota Walleye

Western Art Glass is a wonderful site filled with elegant and whimsical sun catchers and mobiles, and jewelry. Brian uses reclaimed antique glass and a lot of other cool stuff that I won’t pretend to understand like lead-free solder, copper foil, and special beer bottle glass.

Detailed and delicate Newcastle Ale Painted Maple Leaf and Cherry Blossom Cluster

The bottom line is, Western Art Glass offers a ton of really cool glass to hang in your windows or from your person.

Far from creepy-crawly are the colorful Stained Glass Honeybee with 3D Wings and Opalescent Lady Bug

Visit Brian's blog too!


creativesundries said...

Great feature, Sara! I make stained glass too, and I can really appreciate the intricacy of his designs!