Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Featured Shop: Shaggy Baggy

Sharon Schneider is a sewer. Is that kind of like Sally sells sea shells at the sea shore? No matter, Sharon's bags are much more useful than sea shells and are just as beautiful.

The bags found at Shaggy Baggy come in a variety of sizes and styles.

There are shoulder bags:

Shaggy Shoulderbag - It's reversible!

There are handbags:

Shaggy Handbag - Has two interior pockets and a magnetic snap

And my personal favorite, the coffee tote:

Shaggy Coffee Tote - Has three interior pockets and a key hook

I really like the coffee tote bags. They're made from real burlap coffee sacks. The designs on these are just fabulous. The interior is made of heavy outdoor cotton. Burlap is sturdy, making these not only funky and cool, but also durable. They're colorful and unique. They're shaggy and they're baggy.

Fall in love with the bags in this shop. Buy one for a friend. Have a friend buy one for you. Buy your own. These bags make their owners look really cool, so give it some serious thought.

Check out Shaggy Baggy. I think I'll add one of these gems to my birthday wish list!


Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

I love the coffee bag bags. Great bags and excellent blog post. Be well.

City Chic said...

I love these bags! They are so unique! I'm happy to see her shop featured!