Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Creative Spaces: Wilmas Whimseys

Welcome to Crystal, MN where seller Wilmas Whimseys creates her works of art.

In her 10 x 12 room dedicated to her torchmade beads, Wilmas Whimseys works her magic. Armed with a chart of colors, she hand torches her glass rods to create her unique glass beads. “My inspiration for my beads comes from mother nature,” she says.
In her creative space, visitors are welcome to view her work. “I love when people stop by to admire or watch my creation process in both making of the beads and creating the jewelry.” With her torch by her workbench and her bead making tools nearby, Wilmas Whimseys keeps her kiln to the left of her desk and her glass rods stores in PVC pipe on her shelves.

With fragile glass rods and a hot torch in hand, Wilmas Whimseys must keep everything organized. Her glass rods are separated by glass color and by manufacturer. “For jewelry making, I have the plastic boxes that you get at Home Depot with the compartments in them and all my silver findings are in ten boxes, and my gemstones and Swarovski crystals are kept in eight boxes.” She also keeps a box of items that are safe to make kids jewelry with.

Spending most days preparing for the upcoming show season, Wilmas Whimseys is always busy. “Torching is done when the tenant that shares the room downstairs is out of the house, as the vent system is loud and annoying to someone who is trying to watch T.V.”

Everyone wishes for that perfect creative space, and Wilmas Whimseys is no different. “I wish my torch was located in the same place as the jewelry making area so I could create in one space and not have to worry about disturbing anyone. Plus I would then be around the comforts of my jewelry making area, such as food, tv, bathroom and couch for naps.”

You can find Wilmas Whimseys online at http://whimsey.etsy.com and you can read her blog at http://www.wilmaswhimseys.blogspot.com/

Reported by: Kat


Courtney said...

Great post! Love to see the work in action!