Monday, May 11, 2009

Craft Technique: Crochet!


This week's craft technique spotlight is... crochet!

What exactly is crochet? HandmadeMN crocheter, fiber artist, and pattern designer Jen Clayton of FuzFrenzy explains, "Crochet is making continual loops that make up a pattern that make up a fabric."

The good news about learning to crochet:

1. The supplies are inexpensive--although you can get creative and extravagant with fancy (and expensive) fibers, many basic kinds of yarns are available at local shops at very reasonable prices.

2. Like any craft technique, project difficulty ranges from simple to complex. Crochet is definitely beginner-friendly!

3. It's portable. You can take your crochet project with you!

4. It's fun!

Jen offers these tips to those who want to try crocheting:

Materials: "When starting out it is probably best to choose a medium weight yarn like a worsted weight and a medium hook like a g or an h."

Tips and Tricks: "When starting out it is important to repeat stitches and also to pull them out and start over. Only through starting over will you progress, learn the steps, and complete something that actually looks like something."

Keep at it! Jen says, "It comes more naturally to some people, but most people can learn how to do it. It's just a matter of tapping into their learning styles and going from there. Crocheting is supposed to be fun and I do my best to keep people from getting frustrated with it and quitting especially when just starting out."

Above is my first crochet project (I'm still working on it), a pink owl that fuzfrenzy is teaching me to make!

Libraries, book stores, and offer a wide range of books on how to crochet. However, as a beginning crocheter myself, I found that it was helpful to have a teacher sitting with me, showing me what to do. Fuzfrenzy offers individual classes and can travel throughout the Minneapolis/St.Paul metro area--contact her through her Etsy shop!

There are also classes at CraftyPlanet in Minneapolis, as well as Jo-Ann Stores, and Michaels.

We'd love to hear about your crochet tips and experiences--please leave a comment!


Anna said...

I love crochet when it's used as trim. So delicate and lovely.

Kellybot said...

Yay, crochet! I found it so easy to learn, but it helped to have a resource to look at when I forgot how to do something.