Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tools for Selling Internationally

by CreativeSundries

Part of the fun of selling your crafts online is being able to send your projects to all corners of the world! Here are some helpful tools available online that are useful when selling your work to an international audience. 

XE.com is the "World's Favorite Currency Site." Its universal currency converter allows you to enter an amount in one currency, for example, the American dollar, and convert it to another currency, for example, the Euro. 

Why might you want to know how to convert currency? A potential customer might want to know your prices in their country's currency. You can do the calculations yourself, or refer them to xe.com. Some online craft venues use the Euro instead of the American dollar. You might also want to list your items in different currencies on your own site.

Be sure to check often as currency values change frequently.

Another important element in international selling is measurement conversion. If you provide product measurements in both U.S. and metric measurements, everyone will be able to understand the size of your items! 

One easy-to-use length and weight conversion site is


Stay tuned to the HandmadeMN blog for more ideas, tips, and suggestions on crafting and selling internationally!