Monday, April 27, 2009

Stress Management For The Small Business Owner

By Michelle
Of Evie's Tool Emporium

Many of us who have our own small business are challenged when it comes to stress management. The phone is ringing, the e-mails are streaming in and the orders are flying out the door. All of these daily tasks can be overwhelming at times. Each small business owner needs to effectively learn how to manage stress so that we can focus on effectively managing our business. There are as many ways to manage stress as there are to manage our business. Here are just a couple ideas to creatively manage stress.

One idea is to exercise. That may be as easy as stepping away from the desk and going for a quick walk. For some just getting a moment or two of fresh air is enough to clear our heads. Or it may be training for a marathon. A goal that is not business related, but something for our own personal health.

A second idea is to meditate. Mediation can be done anywhere at anytime. Taking a moment or an hour to quiet the mind will greatly reduce the stress of the day.

A third idea is to organize. Sometimes it is a good idea to be structured. Keeping on task can be challenging with interruptions that happen throughout the course of the day. The more structured and organized tasks are the easier it is to get back on track when the interruptions have been taken care of.

The most important part of stress management is finding what works for you so that you can effectively make the most of your day. Sound business decisions happen when we are able to manage our stress and focus on our business.


ArtisticEdition said...

I need to implement some of your stress relieving tips into my daily life. :)