Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Local Scene - Farewell to Winter

By Wild Dog Studio

Welcome to the first edition of “Local Scene”, where we will explore some cool things about Minnesota.

We have been teased with Spring-like weather off and on for the last few weeks and I for one am ready for it to arrive! But first, while it’s still chilly and a bit snowy here, I thought I’d use this first post to salute the end of winter. At least I hope it’s the end!

I tend to stay inside as much as possible during the winter months, so I gathered these great finds from other HandmadeMN team members. Sit back and enjoy…

Jessica recommends checking out the Art Shanty Project, which is a six-week long festival held where you’d least expect it… on frozen Medicine Lake! Described as "part sculpture park, part artist residency and part social experiment," the Projects are individually built and decorated ice houses (“shanties”). Here are just a couple of Jessica’s favorites...

The Robot Shanty. You can climb up through the bottom and make his body swing back and forth!

The Knitting Shanty. Anyone can come in and knit for awhile.

Jessica had a great time when she attended last year, adding “They have bike races on ice, theater performances throughout the day, dance parties, and a big shanty on wheels that you can take around the lake!”

There is, of course, hot cocoa and other goodies available to help you stay warm!~

Kathy and her husband moved to Minnesota from San Francisco about 18 months ago and have been busy taking in a lot of outdoor winter activities that weren’t available to them there. Here are a few of her favorites…

A kite flying festival on Lake Harriet. Hmmm, we do make the most of our 10,000 frozen lakes don’t we?

The St Paul Winter Carnival, held in St Paul, is the nation's oldest and largest winter festival. Events include parades, cultural celebrations, ice and snow sculptures and a giant snow slide. Here are a couple nice shots Kathy took of the snow and ice sculptures...

Suz is lucky enough to own a year round cabin up North.

Here’s a shot of her ready to head out on the trails in Isabella, MN. She looks ready for some adventure!

Lori Lee is much like I am, preferring to spend most of winter indoors. She has however, found that there are lots of indoor winter activities to get out and do. She found a couple that helped inspire her animal creations…

The University of MN Raptor Center

Lori Lee recently visited the Como Zoo Conservatory for her birthday.

Lori Lee recommends using the 'library museum pass' program, which allows anyone to check out a free pass for various museums and other attractions. Although these two places are free anyway (they do ask for donations), they did receive discounts in the gift shops, and coupons for various things like free coffee at the conservatory.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to get out and enjoy next years winter months!



Alpaca Granny said...

Thanks for a look at your Minnesota winter. Hopefully, spring will come to both of us.

Conservatory Supplier said...

The selection of pictures are beautiful and you present a nice picture of winters.