Tuesday, April 21, 2009


For most of us Minnesotans, SPRING is just not getting here fast enough. Yes, it has been a long winter.

These little glass nests I found in Jessi of Choula Jewelry's Favorites are a fresh reminder that it will not be long before we see the mother birds tending their little nests of eggs. It is also reminds me of the virtue of patience. Just like the mama birds who faithfully sit atop their nests of eggs, I must also wait patiently for spring (as if I have a choice.)

Heather Palmer creates these delicate nests out of kiln-formed glass in her San Francisco studio. She describes her nest pieces as delicate yet quite strong, like an actual nest. This particular one in green is "vibrant and full of life." I would have to agree with her that it is a "happy color!"

To see this piece and more of her beautiful art, visit her shop at: