Monday, April 13, 2009

Creative Spaces: The Snuggery

Welcome to Minneapolis, home of Kathy Lewinski and her store, The Snuggery where you will find handmade throw pillows, wall hangings, and other houseware decorations.

For a well-stocked store, a hide-a-way for creation is a must. For Kathy, this means her own corner of the universe in her 1930’s tudor is her artistic haven. “I spend a lot of time in there blogging,” she tells. The cozy sitting room of her home has been turned into her crafting corner, even though she occasionally spreads out in the living room to work as well. “On a good day I'll be up there working for 5 hours though typically it's probably more like 2 - 3.”

Chock full of sewing books, knitting magazines and a cork board filled with photos and other inspirations, Kathy creates her treasures. To keep her motivated, Kathy says “I have a tiara stashed in a corner because there are days every girl needs to feel like a princess.”

In a little space, staying organized is hard. Baskets filled with color-sorted yarn and IKEA storage solutions keep the creativity flowing in Kathy’s space. “Other than that I'm a big fan of plastic containers. I use large bins to hold fabrics.” With one table with a window view and closet for storage, Kathy keeps everything she needs, including her computer, sewing machine, spare fabric, and threads neatly stashed in her room.

Every haven has its perks and pits. “I wish I had enough room for a cutting table so I didn't have to pin & cut patterns on the floor,” says Kathy, “but I love how cozy my little room is, especially in the winter.”

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Josh Jones said...

great organization setup, I can't stand a messy room