Monday, September 15, 2008

Creative Spaces! - Featuring Painting Fun

Name: Willow S. Hoaglund
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Painting Fun
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Description of work space:

I love to paint! So, usually I am painting on every surface available... tables, floors, and even walls (with newspaper and lots of painters tape!) I have a creative space in every room of our little home :). And, I'm usually competing for space with my 4 year old daughter... so it gets pretty messy around here! My favorite feature is my dining room table... it's the biggest, tallest, cleanest space to spread out the works! And I can usually get away with leaving a mess there for a few days before I can't stand it anymore. Cleaning up is saved for last, but is my favorite part... right below making new messes in freshly cleaned surfaces! Fun! Oh, so fun!

My must have is good light! I love painting outside when the weather is good. And, I really love painting in the Arizona sun as much as possible ;) Love that! The colors are SO vivid!

If you could change one thing in your creative space, besides the size, what would it be?

If I could change one thing about my space it would be to add more light, bigger surfaces, and better storage. I love to day-dream through catalogs to get storage ideas…

Please describe your dream creative space.

Eventually I will move the whole operation to the upstairs bedroom… it's a bright, white, airy environment that breeds creativity. Right now the carpet is not fun to work on, so this room is our bedroom. All I would need to do is rip out the carpet, lay down some pine, knock some dormers and skylights in and the dream space would be ready for me!

Describe any tips you are dying to share:

If you have kids make your materials as safe as you can. I tossed all my paint that contained lead and other highly toxic minerals. Yep, read your labels!

Organizing Tip: Sort by color/material/texture…

Describe what inspirational items you keep in your creative space:

Quote: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined" Thoreau

Books: All creative books and magazines…especially detailed research articles in Living and also artist studio snaps from Home Companion.

Describe your creative process in your creative space:

My process is all about the inspiration! Then I think of ways to use it... I draw/think of colors, paint, cut, & assemble.

Do you start in one location and move to another? I move a lot…see all my surfaces, they are always full… I like to work in circles...

Do you do all your crafts in one spot? My supplies are usually all over…right now they are MOSTLY in the basement… but I always come up for fresh air to paint big batches.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I am a packrat, I save everything and anything that inspires me. It helps to keep everything really organized and know what you have. I try to keep a clean and clutter free work space too, so when the whim strikes I can whip up something fun!


Glorious Hats said...

Fun read, inspiring, joyful. You Go Girl!

Wilmas Whimseys said...

What a fantastic article. I love your workspace even tho you wish to move upstairs where there is light. I wish mine was half as organized as yours! Great "Creative Space"

Anonymous said...

great article! I'm jealous of all your painting space!!