Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Creative Spaces! - Featuring Liebling

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Description of work space:
It goes without saying, using one small area for so many purposes is nearly impossible without having an system of organization in place. While I dream of having a room dedicated to my jewelry making, with a separate area for each of the functions I have to perform and handy spools of wire and chain at my fingertips, I have to face facts. I don’t have this room. In the famous words of Tim Gunn (Project Runway, yes I am addicted) I had to “Make it work!”

My resolve to “Make it work” was something I came to when I made the decision to turn my creative hobby into a business. I knew I could no longer uncomfortably bead on the couch if I was at all serious about being successful. Here’s what I’ve done with a small (and very multipurpose) area of the two bedroom flat my husband and I rent.

We have the luxury of having a sunroom in our flat with windows facing north, west and south. The room is filled with beautiful, natural light and is the perfect space for creating and photographing my jewelry. The wonderful light is by far the best feature of the room.

Being so spacious and well lit, I decided to set up my home studio here. I had previously bought a small desk from Ikea for the sole purpose of my having a space of my own to do homework. I get a ton of use out of this one inexpensive desk. Paying bills, beading and wirework, a staging area for my product photography, photo editing, working on the laptop and preparing packages for the mail. This one desk is a must! It serves so many purposes I just could not live without it.

I also have a printer and some small file storage next to the desk, I use the one small drawer to store my business cards and misc. items, and make good use of the bottom cubby to store my printer paper and finished product.

Luckily, jewelry is small so my finished product currently stores up nicely in a little shoebox sized tote I bought, in small ziploc style baggies to keep them safe.

Our sunroom is also the main room in our flat for entertaining and watching movies. Therefore, we happen to have a television and media center in the room. I swiftly commandeered this particularly roomy cabinet and now use it for all my storage purposes. I use the bottom left area for storing my beads, tools, wire, stationery and cards. For the beads and tools themselves, I have several cases I store them in neatly and nicely, a vast improvement on constantly pulling things in and out of a paper bag to find what I’m looking for.

The right side is dedicated to my props for photography, bubble mailers, jewelry boxes and a bag full of miscellaneous items like ribbon and jewelry hang tags. I also have some display items for craft shows stashed in the far back.

If you could change one thing in your creative space, besides the size, what would it be?
I'm pretty set for now as far as storage systems and keeping organized. I'm getting into metalwork, so what I would love to add right now is a small, separate workbench for hammering and soldering. I'd also love to have all the tools I need to get going with this, I'm grabbing them bit by bit as the budget allows and it'd be a dream to just have everything at my fingertips.

Please describe your dream creative space.
My dream creative space! A girl can dream. I'd like it to be a room of my own, entirely dedicated to my crafting. There would be of course tons of natural light, but also good track lighting in case of cloudy days. Several separate stations; one for beading and wire work and the storage of all the tools and pieces I'm working on or have completed, a separate workbench for metalwork like hammering and soldering, cutting and punching etc., a table with storage dedicated to packaging and mailing items and promos, a desk like I have now for doing all the "fun" stuff like keeping my spreadsheets updated and printing invoices, etc. Another staging area with open shelving for all of my props and backdrops for photographing my pieces. I'd like a center island in the room so I could at times stand and work, as sometimes lower back pain from sitting at a desk and working can be an issue. An entire wall would be dedicated to storing rows and rows of bead boxes in all shapes and sizes, and I'd have spools of sterling silver wire in several gauges at my disposal. Finally, I'd like a nice filing system to keep all my paperwork and business files in good order.

Describe any tips you are dying to share:
Don’t be fooled by my photos, my area is often a mess of papers all over the desk, half-finished projects and errant beads I’ve pushed off to one side. However, my little space of organized chaos is serving me well in staying refreshed and creative. From what I’ve done with this small space, I’ve learned a few things. Here are my top five tips for organizing a creative space for yourself at home.

1) Organize, organize, organize. Invest in some system of organization whether it be totes, storage containers, a closet system, etc. Ikea has many wonderful and inexpensive options for storage and I highly recommend getting your items as organized as possible..

2) Keep it clean. When I want to transition from creating pieces to photographing them, I put away all my beads and tools before pulling out any of my props and photo items. Doing this instantly transforms the space into an area dedicated to the task at hand. You don’t want to be tripping over your beads or limit yourself to a very small area to work at. Conversely, I take all the papers and junk OFF of my desk before I pull out my beads. I want to spread out as much as possible. Trust me, dedicating the space to what you are doing by keeping it clean will help not only in your creative process but it helps mentally as well. I feel jangled and annoyed when there is too much junk lying around. It clears the mind, to say the least.

3) In the organization system you choose, keep dedicated items away from each other. Have a spot for photography props, another spot to store mailing items, another spot for your inventory of creative supplies. This really helps with time, you know right where to go and just what to grab when everything is in order.

4) Good lighting. Make sure you have the best lighting possible in your space. If you don’t have good natural light, invest in some full spectrum bulbs or some specialty craft lighting (Ott-Lites are highly recommended.) When I used to bead on the couch, I once made a necklace of what I thought were matching glass beads. Turns out some beads were pink, and some were peach. It was a mess. I curse that couch situation! Get yourself the proper lighting, you won’t regret it.

5) Enjoy! There’s nothing more satisfying than claiming a space of your own for your craft. You deserve it, and it will be key in keeping you happy and stress free. When I beaded on the couch and out of a paper bag I often found myself avoiding the act of creating because it was such a hassle and I’d get entirely stressed by the beads rolling around on me. I also made more mistakes and created items too slowly because of the environment. You owe it to yourself, even if your family has to eat dinner on the living room floor because you took over the dining room table permanently. Take something for yourself, don’t feel guilty and enjoy it fully! :)


Jess said...

What a gorgeous, clean space! I admire how neat you keep it, you should help my craft area!

Rhena said...

Great space, great advice (especially about the lighting -- sorry you had to learn the hard way with your pink-peach necklace). You mention that your space is usually much messier -- but, seriously, in the pictures it looks pretty freakin' organized and clean!

craftychica said...

Jessica -
I love how bright and organized your space is! I'm jealous!!

craftychica said...

Jessica -
I love how light and bright your space is!! I'm so jealous!!