Thursday, April 10, 2008

Random Act of Kindness - Part I

Featuring RAK MN Street Team Member:
Wilma from Whimsey

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Wilma's RAK Story

Wilma joined a group called Lampwork Etc. It's a forum for all types of glass artists. She has been involved with a special group on Lampwork Etc. called Random Act of Glass Kindness. They help out other glass artists in need.

Lampwork Etc. was started by Corrie Dawn in September 2005. There are over 10,685 members currently. The forum consists of glass art, ceramics, jewelry, warm glass, stained glass, fusing, marble, silver and clay, and lampworking artists. This group is open to all who wish to join. Wilma was inspired to join this group as an outlet to learn more about lampworking. She highly recommend joining this group, not only for wealth of information and a special area for bulk buys, but for the comradery, and kindness of these fellow artists. She joined to meet other newbies like herself and to tap the brains of the ones who have been there and could help her when she had questions. She is now able to make contribution to the group from the knowledge she learned.

This group has helped her in more ways then one. This group showed her the compassion, and the willingness to help a complete stranger in a times of need. This past Christmas Wilma was a victim of identity theft, her laptop was stolen and it had all the "important information" on it. The person that stole it has access to her PayPal account and all the money she had in there. They were able to use her credit cards and get into her bank account too. They order items from all over the world. She was devastated. She couldn't pay her mortgage and there was to be no Christmas for her son. She had posted her story online in the forums and received personal messages asking what her son would like for Christmas, he made a list and they received five boxes full of gifts for him. They also received two boxes of non perishable food to help them through. The RAK this group has shown her has made her realized the kind of love and caring this group shows to its members.

The most powerful story she has been affected by, besides her own, was the sudden death of an up and coming artist Dawn Habisreitinger. She was a single parent with two small children. A thread started on Etsy called "Please Donate for Dawn’s Children and List an Item to Sell!" was designed to help Dawn's son's out. Wilma donated glass bead sets to help raise money for these boys she's never met. She is still contributing to the fund whenever she has extra cash. She has also done the same thing for the 35W bridge collapse, that happened August 1st, 2007. She has made seven sets of beads and sold them and donated the money to those involved.

Here are some of the types of supplies she's donated:


Glorious Hats said...

Yay Wilma! Kindness received, kindness given - enjoyed getting to know you a little bit through this article. Hugs, Jane

Luna Feliz said...

Awww.. great article. Wilma, if I could, I would give you a hug right now. You are an inspiration.