Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Creative Spaces! - Featuring Pursecution

Name: Jackee Sandelands-Strom
Shop Name: Pursecution

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Description of work space.
I use my creative space just about every single day, even if sometimes it's only for an hour (although most the time it's a minimum of 8 hours). I have it set up with two machines I use regularly, one for leather and one serger, which I use on interiors, then there is the eye candy machine that I rarely use anymore (my Pfaff embroidery machine) and my 12 year old daughters machine. My favorite feature in my studio is the shelf that my brother-in-law built for my purses. It is built up a ramp that takes up part of the floor space in my studio and is such a creative use of this part of my space which I initially thought I would not be able to use. I have a couple "must haves" in my space. The obvious one is my machines, but over that I need-need-need my iPod docking station (I have no other form of music or sound for that matter, unless I sing to myself) and I absolutely must have my electric hot water boiler. I consume like 40 cups of tea a day and don't know if I could survive with out it.

If you could change one thing in your creative space, besides the size, what would it be?
I would love if the windows in my studio didn't lead out to the hallway where everybody enters the building, it would be much cooler if they gave me a nice view of the outside world (especially because the building my studio is in is on the Mississippi river in NE Minneapolis).

Please describe your dream creative space.
My dream creative space would be wall to wall, floor to ceiling windows. I don't mind what size, I don't mind where it would be, whether in a major metropolitan area, which I enjoy, or surrounded by nature, as long as I have tons of natural light coming in.

Describe any tips you are dying to share:
Sewing with upholstery grade leather is very different from any other materials I've used in the past. I store the leather folded length wise in a weird old filing cabinet I found that the drawers open and then slide out on (it's more like a shelf). I use an old machine that I inherited from a very good friends mother, it is a 'New Home' machine from the 70's and works awesome. This is when they made things 'built to last'. Essentially it works like an industrial machine, but is made for the home in a nice small and compact design. It is very heavy, primarily made of metal, and it will pound through leather without thinking twice (in that though it will also pound through fingers and thumbs without thinking twice). I have my studio set up so that I can roll my chair from step to step very easily. I go from my cutting table to my machine to my eyelet/rivet press in a sort of circle all day long.

Describe what inspirational items you keep in your creative space:
I keep some paintings in my studio that I love to look at. One of my daughter that I painted from a halloween picture when she dressed as a pirate one year, and one of my dad and aunt when they were just small children. I have magazines that I love looking through (Craft, Readymade, and a lot of metal magazines for when my husband comes to hang out). I also keep some fashion magazines, from foreign to obscure to high fashion, because I love looking at what purses are out there (and shoes too, even though my business has nothing to do with shoes, I just adore them). On one side of my leather cabinet I keep stickers from places I've bought at on Etsy and other stickers from places I like.

Describe your creative process in your creative space:
When I come into my studio the first thing I do is put my music on. I then boil water for tea. These are very important steps and must not me missed!!! Anyway, my creative process is fairly organized. Normally I have my project in mind already and I get crackin' on it immediately. Sometimes when I am feeling a little more creative I will try something completely new with no real planning, but this has proven to be disastrous and wasteful multiple times, so I am trying to not work that way anymore. I have a sketch book with many designs in it and step by step instructions that even I don't understand sometimes (I always feel like it makes sense when I write it...). I try to stick with only a few different designs to work with for a while so that I can produce more without expending too much energy on trying to think new stuff up daily, plus when I 'retire' a design for a while I have a very difficult time figuring out how I made it when it comes to sewing it again, even with my 'notes', so I try to make a bunch of them when I initially think it up.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
The building my studio is in, is fantastic. It is at 1828 Marshall St NE in Minneapolis and has 26 units in it, which are not all full yet. There is an art gallery on the main floor (Spot Art Gallery) and another gallery I've still to investigate that seems to have sort of screen printed rock posters. The building is deceptively huge and goes right back to the river, where we have a little courtyard deal with bbq's for the summer, a garden anyone in the building can work on and a fire pit at the beach. Awesome community to belong to. I am open by appointment for anyone that wants to see my bags in person (I can be reached at or (612) 298-6634) and my whole building is open for Art-A-Whirl (we got a star on the map, yay), so stop by and see some cool stuff!

Jackee's favorite bag.


"A sassy, strong and uniquely practical purse, this bag is perfect to take traveling yet fashionable enough to use around town. The interior features a divider and a small pocket, there is a pocket in the flap and two pockets on the front, large enough for cell or ipod/mp3. The top opening measures 12" across, while the widest point at the bottom gets up to 16". The sides and bottom are 3" deep, and the purse itself is 10.5" tall. A small difference from my other bags also, this bag has nickel plated hardware rather than my usual antique brass".


Anonymous said...

Great space Jackee! I'm jealous!!

Kellybot said...

The pictures are awesome! I love the one where Jackee's talking to herself on the couch in the background.

mepottery said...

Great feature... love the space, the bags and your photos are very nicely done!

boothbuddyjoj said...

I have a couple of Jackee's pieces and love them! Her studio is very cozy and I have held the Amelia bag- I instantly wished I had enough cash in my pocket to buy it right then. I get excited when she posts new items. I'm very happy to see you featured her on this blog!

You rock, Jackee!

-Johanna said...

Awesome pictures!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting me in the blog,
I'm so glad you guys like my space!