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Creative Spaces! - Featuring Luna Feliz

Name: Sara
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Luna Feliz

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Description of work space.
How you use your creative space.
My creative space has to be very versatile. I use it for pattern making, fabric cutting, sewing, pressing, packaging and shipping and most importantly brainstorming and catching up on Martha Stewart & Clean House. It also doubles as the half of our basement that isn't torn apart at the moment. Even though it's not a pretty space, it's mine and I when I'm not using it, I can close the basement door at the top of the steps and lock it to keep my kids from getting into anything they shouldn't.

Your most favorite feature in your creative space.
My most favorite feature in my creative space would be my little sewing desk that my husband hand built years ago for our PC. It's a beautiful little Shaker design. We've since converted to a Macintosh and the desk now works well for my sewing endeavors. My back-up Singer sewing machine fits nicely under the desk on the little built-in PC tower shelf.

Name your "must-have" item in your creative space.
The must-have item in my creative space would have to be my 1970's Viking Husqvarna "work horse" sewing machine. I really love that thing. It can sew through just about anything.

If you could change one thing in your creative space, besides the size, what would it be?
Maybe it’s a specific item you would like, like furniture, or a display case, etc.
Big Windows for more natural light! Since my creative space is in our basement, it is what it is - a 1956 rambler basement with tiny windows sparsely spaced along the top edges and lots of dark wood paneling from the previous owner.

Maybe it’s a piece of whatever, that you either want to make or you want to buy…
Ooh, a big amazing cutting table in the center would be great! Although, it wouldn't fit at the moment. Right now I use a little coffee table for pattern making & cutting.

Please describe your dream creative space.
It would be a space of color, brightness and inspiration. Again, with a lot of natural light maybe facing the outdoors where I could watch wildlife during my creative processes or facing a beach from an island. It would have amazing storage and shelving for me to organize my fabrics, crafty books and periodicals and a wall for thread spools and other notions. It would have a huge cutting table in the middle with a soft top and storage underneath. It would have an overstuffed chair in a sunny corner where I could snuggle in and sketch out ideas. The cherry on top would be a desk for a computer would be fantastic. That's all. ;)

Describe any tips you are dying to share:
As far as tips, once you see my space you will know that organization is not my strong point. But, I do know where everything is. One thing I must say as a seamstress/designer - never, ever underestimate your iron. You can design and sew the most fantastic product, but if you don't press the fabric, seams and corners with your iron during your process, it's not going to look half as good as it should.

Describe what inspirational items you keep in your creative space:
Signs? – Do you have a sign/s that are inspirational every time you seem it/them?
Everyday life is inspiration for me. One day it could be the needlework that I have hanging in my sewing area from my husband's grandmother that just passed away last year at the young age of 94. She was an avid needlework crafter up until the time she passed.

Other times I am inspired by nature or my children and some of the ideas they come up with for things they would like to have. Music always inspires me. It has always been my constant source of happiness, a natural mood booster.

Hand-crafted item? – Do you have a special handmade item, whether made by you or someone else, that inspires you?
I know it may seem cheesy to say that my own items inspire me, but I make little fabric Chinese Take-Out boxes and they are all unique and different and I never tire of making them. They are really fun to create and it's fun to see people's reactions when I give them for gifts.

Pictures? – Have you taken pictures of inspiration things, so when you look at them they inspire your creativity?
Most of the pictures that inspire me are the ones that I've taken in nature. There is so much beauty around us in nature that I think is taken for granted. I appreciate little things. Intricate natural details in a snowflake or veins on a leaf inspire me.

Clippings? – Do you save clippings of inspirational things that inspire you?
Occasionally I will keep magazine tears of color combinations or fabric prints that inspire me.

Books? – Do you have a special book/s that inspires you?
I just picked up some new books at the library that I'm hoping will inspire me on Screen printing and how to turn your Craft into a business.

Describe your creative process in your creative space:
Do you have a step-by-step process?

Is your creative process sporadic?
My process is very sporadic since my actual crafting time is very limited with two little ones at home. One example: If I get an idea in my head while I am making my kids lunch I will sketch it out quickly on any free piece of paper I can find in my kitchen and then get back to it after they are in bed for the night.

Do you start in one location and move to another?
Most of my ideas start in my kitchen as a miniature sketch and then eventually I will start the pattern making process in the basement. And the rest of the process is usually finished there in the sewing area.

Do you do all your crafts in one spot?
No, kitchen, basement, living room are all free-game.

Do you sketch your ideas out first?
Most of the time, yes, in order to conceptualize the project fully.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
My creative space right now isn't ideal or pretty, but it's a temporary space until we can re-finish our basement. My husband has already talked about including a craft room for me in the new design.

More Great Pictures of Sara’s Creative Space!


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