Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Creative Spaces! - Featuring Glorious Hats

Name: Jane Carlstrom
Shop Name: Glorious Hats

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Description of work space.
Light and bright is the key for me. It is wonderful to be at a stage in life where a true "studio" is possible. Two years ago, we moved a small modular home onto the farmstead and the whole building is mine. ALL MINE!

The kitchen became the cutting and pressing station. (*note - the awesome cutting table is the husband's drafting table - re-purposed. Am so glad I did not fuss and fume when he bought it 30 years ago.)

The "living room" became the sewing and work area.

The three bedrooms are storage rooms. It is so lovely to be able to shut the doors and not see the boxes, shelves, etc.

One bathroom tub is a hang dry area, the other is the place for spraying adhesives, stiffening agents, etc.

If you could change one thing in your creative space, besides the size, what would it be? Please describe your dream creative space.
Oh sure it would be nice to have every thing match, but hey eclectic works. The only thing needed is greater self discipline to organize and store neatly. Am really working on this and indeed have improved. My dream would be to have Oprah surprise me with a professional organizer to come and fix it all up- neat, tidy, labeled.

Describe any tips you are dying to share:
Hang in, save your pennies, invest in good equipment as the years go along; a dream space can become reality.

Describe what inspirational items you keep in your creative space:

Being grounded, centered and rested enable me to focus intently on the projects. Bare walls, keeping it simple, and not obscenely messy - too much overwhelms me, is distracting. The view from the windows and MPR Classical station playing low are soothing. I had the great fortune and opportunity to go San Jose, California during the 1990s and take intensive sewing workshops with Bobbie Carr, she is always in my head while sewing. And her book remains the one most used and treasured.

Describe your creative process in your creative space:

I so admire those who do sketch out ideas, hard as I try, that just does not work for me. Ideas and concepts ruminate in my head, then progress and commingle with laying out fabrics, patterns, findings. Sometimes the creation changes as it progresses. Yikes, must I admit it? I listen to the fabric. It talks to me through my eyes and fingers. Really it does.

When one listens, interacts with suitable techniques; the fabric/fiber responds beautifully, going from flat and flaccid to three dimensional and shapely. That is all at once. the fun, the challenge, the joy of creating with fabrics and fibers.


CACreations said...

Wonderful space Jane! So jealous. It's a beautiful space to create beautiful hats!

Anonymous said...

Jane - great space! I'm so jealous!

Jess Snively said...

What a fantastic space! And that pink hat is gorgeous!

Courtney said...

How fortunate you are to have an entire BUILDING to yourself, Jane! Wow, that's super. And that pink hat is just darling!

Kellybot said...

Whoa! I think Jane wins it for best space. A whole house! I'm so jealous!

It looks like a good spot for a crafting retreat **hint, hint**

Glorious Hats said...

The key gang, the key - is that this did not happen overnight. My hope is that you all will not be jealous but be inspired to keep plugging away and keep the dream-I've moved from using the kitchen table, to having one bedroom turned into a sewing room, to a larger room above the garage, to now an entire building.

It really is a dream come true for me. And I do indeed feel fortunate to have it.

Thanks for all the comments and thrilled to hear that several of you like the pink hat too. Love making them as well as wearing them. And such a pleasure when someone else likes them enough to buy and especially wears them with joy.