Saturday, April 26, 2008

Creative Spaces!: Craft Show Style - Featuring Captured Time Books

Name: Rachel

Shop Name: Captured Time Books

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Please describe your booth.
In a perfect world (meaning the most available space) my booth utilizes two 10' tables, two book shelves a small cabinet and a tiny wood TV tray for my cutter and laptop. Signage either suspended on wires from ceiling or on easels.

Full Booth ~ North Branch MN Show

North Branch MN Show ~Booth ~ Right Side view
Featuring greeting cards, Primas, Gift tags, clothespin clips

What’s your favorite and/or least favorite feature in your booth?
My favorite feature is probably the Petal Pond. It really draws people to the booth because it is interactive. People really love to touch the petals~ I always tell them “fondling is free!”

Petal Pond!!! :)

My least favorite feature? Hmmm…… I guess the TV tray I use for my cutter. I have not figured out a way to move in a full size desk…yet! Ha-ha.

What is your dream display?
I would love to be able to invest in some of those great wire racks to hang prima product so that customers would be able to see more of what I have. There are literally thousands of varieties and it can be very overwhelming if it is too cluttered.

Are there any displays you would or wouldn't recommend using?
I always recommend going vertical. There is always restrictions at shows how far you can go to the right, left, front and back but never up. So go UP!

North Branch MN Show ~Booth ~ Left Side view ~ Featuring Greeting Card Packages,
altered Lunchboxes, Primas, Altered notebooks

Any tips or tricks to your booth you would care to share?
I think it is essential to pre-set up, then box and label everything so you can pull items from back stock easily. Oh and bring lights if you can.

Pre-set up in garage

Is there anything else you would like to share?
Proper signage and pricing is very very important.

Greeting cards, gift tags on lit trees, and pre-made scrapbook album in background.

Don’t loose faith~ every artist has their show, the trick is finding yours!


Glorious Hats said...

WoW! what a lovely review. Great tips and encouraging, inspiring words. Am so impressed with your pre-set up and organization. Looks like it really is helpful because your booth at the show is amazing. Best wished for an amazing 2008 show season.

CACreations said...

What a wonderful booth! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful store as well.