Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bright Treasury Helps Repel The Snowy Blues

Awoke yesterday to over a foot of snow. At first light slogged through drifts over my knees to check on pregnant cows - don't want to loose newborns in deep snow. Thankfully all was well in the maternity corral. Just a winded and wet human on the return to house and hearth. Hurray hurrah, was just in time to capture a treasury on Etsy.

Quickly came up with the title "Orange You Sweet" recalling the number of compliments new team member Liebling Art Crafts received on her orange crush ear rings.

"Orange You Sweet" will be active and available on the Etsy Treasury site until Monday, April 28, 2008 at 11:o3 am EDT. Here you see a non-clickable screen shot of the entire treasury. The faded photos don't show on the active one. Those are the "in waiting" photos to fill in spots if items in the active treasury sell or go inactive.

All but 3 of the items in this treasury collection are from TeamMN members.