Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Storque Delivers

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Etsy FAQ tells us:

The Storque is Etsy's online zine. It provides information and announcements for buyers and sellers about the site and the handmade lifestyle. Articles are written by Etsy's staff and members of the Etsy community. It's updated several times daily with new content. Readers can also leave comments on articles.
One of the regular feature columns "Etsy Finds" focused on Stripes.

The Minnesota Team is pleased to note that Pinstripe Fused Dish by our own Karen of unblinkingeye DESIGNS was one of the highlighted pieces.

Pinstripes on glass, who would have thought? Karen puts many designs on glass that one would not think possible. Here are a few examples-



and so much more. Do visit unblinkingeye and I guarantee you too will be intrigued by the variety of the joyful glasswork.