Monday, March 17, 2008

Brenda Senechal - Noticed by the World

Lemon Drop Earrings crafted by Brenda Senechal of Dancing Gems were featured on Haute Mimi, a blog of fabulous fashion finds.

All of us on the Minnesota Team are thrilled to see Brenda's work being highlighted on an international fashion blog.

Haute Mimi shared the earrings but not much about Brenda herself, so we will do that here, to give you an idea of the artist behind the joyful jewelry creations at Dancing Gems.

Colors and color combinations, delight Brenda and drive her creations. She looks at colors and combinations, then visualizes textures and sparkle and the many possible connections of those elements. Sometimes she is inspired by textures first, and envisions the merging of many or just one or two textures together.

Brenda's work is continually evolving and changing as she follows her passion and drive to create. Her fascination has driven her to go further in the ways she can create, and she is currently learning soldering and shaping metal at Minneapolis Community and Technical College in the Jewelry Department and is thrilled. Eventually Brenda will fulfill her dream of creating whatever she is able to imagine.

Between building her jewelry making skills, exploring another line and style of jewelry, (as well as a full time job and general life,) Brenda now finds little time to create the style of jewelry found at Dancing Gems. Thus new additions are rare these days. So if you see something at Dancing Gems you really want to own, it may be wise to get it now.


Brenda said...

Cool! Thanks for this post! It's very complimentary and I appreciate it very much!

Artwork by KD said...

I love the lemon drop earrings!!