Thursday, July 26, 2007

Featured Seller: Artistic Edition 7/26/07

Jenna Halek started selling her goods in February of 2006 after coming across She was impressed with the look and function of Etsy which opened the doors to selling online. Artistic Edition, Jenna’s shop name, comes from a combination of being artistic and ongoing trial.

“ARTISTIC comes from me feeling/being artsy. EDITION comes from the process for coming up with one of my idea. A lot of the time it takes me a lot of “editions” until I get the perfect end result.”

Jenna’s favorite material is obviously Swarovski Crystals. She makes unique hair snaps at a quality and price that is just unbeatable.

When Jenna’s not busy creating you can find her at her day job as a Graphic Designer/Advertising Director for a Quilting Wholesale Distributor. Not to mention coordinating meet ups for our lovely little Minnesota Street Team.

You can find Jenna’s hair snaps and other goodies at her Etsy shop and you can join her on myspace to be friends.