Thursday, June 21, 2007

Featured Seller Silver Dragon Rescue 6/21

Amanda has been artistically inclined all her life. She opened her Etsy shop Silver Dragon Rescue in March 2007 to help support her cause Silver Dragon Rescue, which is a no-kill animal rescue center she runs out of her own house. 100% of every purchase from her shop (except her mother-in-law's stuff) goes towards her animal rescue center. You can find out more about Silver Dragon Rescue here.

Amanda grew up in Brainerd, Minnesota and still resides there with her husband, three children and her rescued animals. She has strong family ties in Brainerd, and to have the ability to up and visit grandma and grandpa just about any day is really a blessing. Her husband’s parents also live in Brainerd, so their kids really get a great deal of family time and support. She loves Minnesota in the spring, summer and fall, but when it comes to winter she would rather hibernate. :)

Amanda’s current projects include hemp, monofilament fishing line and beads (glass, lampworking, plastic, clay, natural stones, etc.), and paint. She is now trying out decorative birdhouses, and has discovered up-cycling. She will work with just about any medium. Her favorite tool is definitely her hands. She loves to make things by hand and takes great pride in her work which is very evident in her Natural blue Sodalite stone chip earrings, Orange Monarch Butterfly Necklace Bracelet and Earrings Set, and Sunflower Birdhouse.

When she’s not crafting she’s a full-time mom to three small children (all under the age of 6). She enjoys playing with her kids and showing them how to make art of their own. You will find some of their creations here: Baby Onsies & ACEO Cards. She believes every experience can be a learning experience. Every question is answered and if she doesn’t have the answer, they look it up together. She truly loves being a mom. As stated before she runs a no-kill rescue from her home, so there are always things to do.

Check out Silver Dragon Rescue where you find her specially crafted creations.