Thursday, May 17, 2007

Featured Minnesota Seller!!

Brian Western of Western Art Glass has been cutting glass and applying band-aids since 1978, and has been a part of etsy since January 2007 selling his gorgeous glass. It all started with the help of his older brother and mentor. Now his stained-glass sun catchers light up windows and add a fun, glowing organic feel to your home.

The most astonishing part is that Brian works without any of the modern luxuries available to glass artists these days. Everything is done by hand with a Fletcher 07 glass cutter and a couple of grozing pliers. His materials of choice? Glass, lead, copper foil, copper tubing, solder, wires, and duck eggs.

This Minnesota man... a self-proclaimed “non-reformed Hobbit” loves being able to slink around in the background.... but his eye-catching work calls for attention.

You can check out more of Brian’s work at


Shelley Ann said...

Brian a hobbit? Hmmmmm he seems a little taller than that to me. If he's a hobbit and I'm shorter ... what does that make me?

Brian Western said...

it's all in the amount of hair on the toes...things aren't always as they seem.

Anonymous said...

haha... I didn't know if I should mention the hair thing... so I left it out to be on the safe side :D

I guess it does add to the overall picture though. heheh

MM said...

Great write up! Nicely done.
Hang on, what do you do with the duck eggs?

Shelley Ann said...

Brian, might I suggest wax in the summer and au naturelle in the winter. (Just to keep the toes warm.) It must save you a lot of money on socks!

Anyway -- great interview! It is an enjoyable read and the photos of Brian's work are great.