Thursday, May 24, 2007

Featured Minnesota Seller 5-24

Like many artists Shelley Ann "fell" into her craft. When she was given the opportunity to show off her goods in a local store she jumped at the chance.

Shelley Ann's Etsy shop is full of FIBERS! You will find radiant wall quilts, quilted post cards, barrettes, and coffee cuffs. Check out Shelley's fused glass night lights for a grown up way to chase away the dark. Almost every item is a one of a kind piece so you don't have to share your incredible find with anyone else.

Using a self discovered technique Shelley's wall quilts are something to behold. They are comprised of thousands of individual pieces of hand dyed fabric that have been fused down and then stitched down with decorative thread. Shelley also used crystals and fabric paint to add movement and a sparkle to these elaborate works of art.

Be sure to stop by Shelley Ann's Etsy shop to get a closer look at her works and visit her blog to read more about this fabulous fiber artist we are proud to call a Minnesotan!!


Brian Western said...

I knew Shelley Ann had a knack for the fibroid trade, but I didn't realize how acrobatic she was--what with all the falling and jumping going on, she's practically a circus performer! Nice work Shelley...and beauty job to Jenna Lou!

Shelley Ann said...

Oh, you should see me on the high wire! My life is one big balancing act. I'm not sure if there is a net down there, so I just am extra careful!