Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm going crazy!

Here's the deal...I work, I have kids, I am married, I have friends, I have a dog and a few relatives I still speak to. I paint, make jewelry, do cut paper collage and some photography. There is myspace, facebook, flickr, etsy, ebay, google blogs, typepad, sxc (photo sharing site, really cool), art fairs, and promotional materials...and I do all of it sort of half a**ed (in case there's kids in the room!) The fam wants me to make dinner, the teachers want me to hover over the kids while they do their mind-numbingly boring homework (middle school and high school), I'm supposed to exercise, pay bills, do laundry and I really, really need a hair cut.

So, what am I doing? I just printed some pictures, filled out all the forms and ran an application for the Eagan Art Festival to my mailbox before my crabby mail lady came. The app was supposed to be in on the 16th, but the festival lady said I could apply if I got it in TODAY!!! I was supposed to also have a photo of my exhibit booth, which I don't own...maybe they won't notice. Oh, and I had to pay an extra 30 bucks too, which seems a bit punitive.

How do you art divas do all this stuff? If you're doing something, there's like 50 other things you're not doing! If I don't make stuff I'll go crazy, but I really want to sell it so people quit asking me where I sell my art. (Why does selling it make it valid, anyway?)

Did I mention I write poetry and am in the middle of writing a book on the Song of Solomon?

I gotta focus...but I'm not sure what on.

Here's my sister's website...Frog Dog Art

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Magickal Realism Reviewed

I just heard that Di from Magickal Realism was featured in a great online review!

Check it out here~ Magickal Realism Naturals

And while you are there, scroll down to the bottom right. They have a very handy pocket/purse sized guide you can print out on what paper product brands to avoid when shopping to help save trees. :)

MM ~ Fragrance Fanatic and Treehugger